• Be Accepting – if it hasn’t changed for a while and it isn’t yours, accept it and get on with your life.
  • Be Confident – don’t try to prove yourself right in every interaction. It isn’t necessary, and pisses other people off.
  • Be Helpful – don’t obstruct, help move things along.
  • Be Humble – avoid arrogant behavior, it isn’t attractive, often arises from a misunderstanding of the situation, and doesn’t earn you any friends.
  • Be Gracious – strive for a measured response, avoid sarcasm and digs.
  • Be Patient – the world has its own pace. Match it, don’t get exhausted trying to change it.
  • Be Relaxed – but focused. It is a mind-set that is very productive and leaves you open to new possibilities.
  • Be Smooth – show some class when problems arise. Calm thinking is usually more effective, shows better, and, flexible bumpers survive crashes.
  • Be Understanding – it’s usually not about me. Listen.
  • Be Useful – be the solution, not the problem.

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