Changing Priorities & Passions

Hello my Friends!

My apologies for just sending this out. Somehow the week got away from me!

I have been thinking about a topic and it was just eluding me. Then I got to thinking about the anniversary of my retirement coming up in just a couple of weeks. That got me to thinking about my passions and motivations! Given the BIG change that came with retirement, I am discovering that my passions and motivations are in evolution. Some have remained the same, but others are emerging as I have time to slow down from the work world and think about what’s next.

So, I thought it would be interesting to talk about our passions and motivations and explore how they might have changed for us over time. As we gained wisdom, did these change for you?

Some questions to ponder:

• What are your current passions? Have you always had them? Have you picked up new ones along the way?
• Do you share your passions with others or do you like to keep them to yourself?
• What motivates you? Does your motivation come from within or from external influences/factors?
• What are the causes, issues and challenges that excite and drive you?

I am not sure I’ll have answers to all of these myself, but I am finding them interesting to think about and figure out how I can work on them.

See you tomorrow! Looks like you’ll need to layer up in preparation for the weekend forecast!