The questions below are about “art”.  If you have a work of art that you would like to bring – or just a photo of a work – I invite you to do so!


1. What is the role of art in your daily life? What does it provide you?

2. (See quote immediately below.) Have you had this experience? Tell us about it.
“Art can work its magic any time you are in the presence of a work created by someone who has gone inside the act of creation to become what they are creating. When this takes place time stands still and if our hearts are
open to the experience, our spirits soar and our imaginations fly unfettered.
You need these moments if you are ever to have a life that is more than the sum of the daily moments of humdrum affairs.”
Kent Nerburn

3. (See quote immediately below.) Do you create art? If so, why?
When we create or appreciate art, we set free the spirit trapped within. That is why art arouses such joy. Art–whether skillfully executed or not–is the emotion, the pleasure of expressing life as it is. Those who see art are moved by its passion and strength, its intensity and beauty. That is why it is impossible to separate life from art. Political and economic developments may seem to dominate the news, but culture and education are the forces that actually shape an age, since they transform the human heart.
Daisaku Ikeda

4. What is your favorite place to view/experience art?