Lake Nokomis Photos

My wife and I live near Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis and part of our daily, non-winter routine is walking around the lake, most often in the morning. Since the quality of photographs taken with cell phone cameras has come so far I began taking shots of scenery and wildlife a few years ago. The resolution often leaves something to be desired when zooming in on wildlife, etc. but having the Samsung close at hand to catch an unexpected shot when something appears is fun. The pictures might seem small but if you click on them they will expand, once. Two clicks takes you beyond the sensible resolution limit.

These two pictures were taken just a minute apart – the rowing club was out early on a weekday morning – these were taken at about 6:30 a.m.

Morning sun on the eastern shore.

Scullers rounding the bend.

This picture was taken early in the morning as I was headed down the hill towards the lake. The sunrise colors lasted just a few minutes and I was lucky to get the shot.

Sunrise walk

This picture was taken a couple hundred yards further down the hill and the edge of the ball field.

Morning fog on the softball field

This picture was taken from the point on the eastern shore of the lake.

Downtown Minneapolis from Lake Nokomis

The lake’s fishing docs are moored for the winter at the northern end of the lake. I caught this picture on an early morning walk.

The enigmatic floating docks of Lake Nokomis


Looking towards the point, waiting for the sunrise

Early sunrise over the lagoon.

A few years ago some low land next to the lake, at one time an archery range, was reconfigured as a marsh to filter storm water runoff, to help clean up Lake Nokomis. Studies have shown that it has made a difference, but the new habitat is what I find especially valuable. It has provided habitat for herons, egrets (none spotted in 2017, so far), muskrat, a wide variety of ducks & other wetland birds like red-winged blackbirds, and amphibians, which had virtually disappeared from our part of the city.


Blue Heron

First gosling of the season

This picture was taken the afternoon of 5/7/17 at the Lake Nokomis Lagoon. Proud parents were keeping an eye on all the people walking past.

Blue Heron

Another blue heron, this one photographed on the eastern side of the lake.

Spring is advancing and the flowering trees are looking very nice

Leaves are out on many trees just this week. I am not sure whether the tree in the front is dead or just a slow starter.


The parks department does a wonderful job planting a variety of trees in the park.

Geese on the south end of the lake, looking west.


Ducks on ice – not so graceful

Cardinal, on the point, eastern shore

Balancing contest

This picture was taken out my window at home, but that’s close to the lake so I’m including it.

Cardinal in the winter.


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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing these pics

  2. Back to take a look at the bird pictures. So peaceful!

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